Ok, now we will work with WH- Questions. These are very important to be able to ask questions. I remember that when my teacher taught them to me, she said that they were the questions that a reporter had to always answer. I also recommend doing brainstorming with these WH-Questions, in order to write an essay. I hope that these are clear and easy to understand. They are:

1. Who is used to ask a question about someone (he, she, name, etc?)


1. Who do sing a song in the bathroom?

2. Who does teach in the class?

2. What is used to know about someone does.


1. What do you do after get up in the morning?

2. What does Dani want to do?

3. Where is used to ask a question about place (city, country, public place, etc)


1. Where do they buy a bag?

2. Where does your mother go?

4. When is used to ask a question about time (year, day, time, country, etc)


1. When do you usually watch TV?

2. When do you arrive in Lubuklinggau?

5. Why is used to ask a questions want to know about a reason or causes


1. Why do you eat in the class?

2. Why does he want to go there?

6. How is often used ask to with adjectives (ego, old, big, etc), and adverbs (eg, well, quickly, etc)


1. How do you go to school every day?

2. How does your mother make this cake?


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