My life Stories

My life Stories

Life is truth when we fell that our life is happy or unhappy, we must believe that life in the world just a moment. After I have been adult. I can fell that life is so hard difficult where I must look for money to my life.

Ok I will tell for you about my life stories, don’t cry after read my story hehehehe….

I was born in Lubuk linggau. In April 20, 1985. We are a big family because I have four brothers and three sisters. I’m number sixth of my brothers and my sisters. Since I was seven years, I had leaved by mother. I didn’t know what I felt at the time. I just fell; she will come back again and hold me again but at this time I never meet again. Now I can fell that I have missed her and I fell sad in myself.

Since my mother dead, I like a ship which sailing to oppose wave at the sea and than be tossed at the middle sea so I’m very confuse and afraid in there but I must get out of the big wave if I just in there without no anything I do… so I’m sure I will sink in the sea. Likes life, I must try to better life, I try life without my mother but she is in my heart, sometime I cry if I remember her. Sure I shout “don’t cry” its simple problem, you must accept, Allah will not give a exam to people if they can’t, I speak to my heart.

When I graduated of elementary school, I continued to junior school. It’s near my house so it’s easy to go to school without not spend much money and time. At the junior school I got exam again, my father married with a widow when I was second class, I didn’t like with his wife, so she is a lazy wife and never do praying to Allah, I disappointed him. I think that my life is bad why all of they leaved me, so every time, if I’m in the bedroom I always crying so after that I never studied well because there no person to attention me again so I think school didn’t help me to go out of my problem. Studying just made our mind is broke more so I just spend my time for sport, Playing base ball with my friend make me happy ending. My lips always smile but not in my heart which shout, I don’t know when I could go out of my problem. There is no my friend to understood about my private. They didn’t know if I have not parents, if they was talking about their family I shall go away from their, so among of them didn’t know about my family.

Graduated of junior school, I got small value so my brother angry with me, I just quite he didn’t know what felt in my heart. in here I was very confuse in the think what I didn’t continue my school if I school I must choose school that can made my soul is quite may be this is a true walk which is given Allah to me. I get a good school because I have a good hobby one of teacher in there knew to me. He is a trainer when I played Volley ball so after I register I ask to played together in their club.

Oh ya I school in Madrasyah Aliyah Negeri I, its high school in lubuk linggau. I am very happy in this school because I knew other lesson, likes Arabic, Al-quran and Hadits, and Fiqih which I got in other school. But same in junior school there is no friend that knew about my private, I have many friends but anyone which can be true friend. not I choose what else but I just look friend which can make me enjoy with her. Well when I sad or happy. Sometimes I found friend just a moment when we together we are friend but when we so far so she or he doesn’t response to us. I think I’m lazy to talking my private to them. Quiet is better than speaking.

Graduated of high school, I didn’t continue my study, I just helped my brother in his shop as long as one years. As long as one year I tried to take computer course so that I didn’t miss knowledge in the world. Day after day I had not thought to school again but in other time my mind changed to continue my school so I take school in STKIP PGRI Lubuk Linggau until now I have been study 3 years in here. Now I’m sixth semester, I take English program departure. I’m happy, I don’t really if I can school so high. Thanks Allah, what you have given me.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Cinta tak memberikan apa-apa kecuali dirinya sendiri dan tiada mengambil apa pun kecuali dari dirinya sendiri.
    Cinta tiada memiliki, pun tiada ingin dimiliki; Karena cinta telah cukup bagi cinta.

    Pabila kau mencintai kau takkan berkata, “Tuhan ada di dalam hatiku,” tapi sebaliknya, “Aku berada di dalam hati Tuhan”.

    Dan jangan mengira kaudapat mengarahkan jalannya Cinta, sebab cinta, pabila dia menilaimu memang pantas, mengarahkan jalanmu.

    Cinta tak menginginkan yang lain kecuali memenuhi dirinya. Namun pabila kau mencintai dan terpaksa memiliki berbagai keinginan, biarlah ini menjadi aneka keinginanmu: Meluluhkan diri dan mengalir bagaikan kali, yang menyanyikan melodinya bagai sang malam.


  2. cinta bukan sesuatu yg patut untuk dibanggakn,
    bukan sesuatu yg patut untuk dipamerkan,
    bukan sesuatu yg patut untuk dibicarakan,
    bukan untuk dicaci,dihina,diludahi………..
    juga bukan untuk disanjung,dipuja,diagungkn……
    cinta ya cinta………….
    bukan tuhan,bukan malaikat,bukan iblis,bukan bidadari….
    cinta adalah suatu kehidupan yg perlu dijalani…
    ntah itu menyakitakan ato menyenangkan…..
    smua itu takdir yg udah diberikn ke km…..
    apa km bisa mengubah takdir dr tuhan??????????
    cinta itu hidup ditiap ht manusia,,,,,
    laksana burung merpati yg terbang n singgah diranting ht yg dia mau……sesukanya……..
    manusia yg tak memiliki cinta adlh manusia yg munafik…
    N bila terciptanya cinta hanya untuk melukai hati manusia maka apakah kau tak percaya akan kuasa tuhan????????
    ada hikmah dibalik perkara,ada kesedihan dibalik senyuman,ada keharuan dibalik tangisan,dan ada cinta dibalik hati seorang manusia .jangan lupakan kata-kata itu!


  3. Kenapa sulit untuk mencintai
    dan kenapa sulit juga untuk dicintai…
    hidup mesti dijalani saja tidak semuanya dengan cinta..
    cinta terlahir sebelum kamu lahir
    cinta telah tumbuh sebelum kamu menanam bibitnya..

    Kenapa mudah jatuh cinta..
    dan kenapa juga sulit jatuh cinta…
    Begitu banyak yang hilang karena cinta
    Begitu banyak yang terbunuh karena cinta
    Tapi begitu banyak yang lahir karena bercinta…


  4. ibarat tanaman,,,,,,,,,,
    benih cinta akan tumbuh subur,,
    dan berkembang,,,,

    jika disirami dengan kasihsayang,,,,
    dipupuk dengan saling pengertian,,,,,,
    dan dipagari dengan kesetiaan,,,,,,

    benih cinta akan selalu datang meski badai berlalu,,,,,,,,
    benih cinta akan selalu datang meski mal;am tlah dijemput kelam,,,,,

    hany dengan cinta kebahagiaan datang dan hadir,,,,,,,

    dan hanya dengan cinta tetesan airmata pun slalu ada,,,,,,,,


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